Free Blogging Tips and Tricks For New Blogger

Everyone is a blogger now. The concept of blogging is changing. Millions of websites are actually blogs. Here, I will provide free blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers.

First and foremost, choose the best niche where you will write 1000 of blog post within 5-10 years. These 1000 post will drive millions of potential traffics for your blog.

Try for google adsense monetization and few affiliates to convert your traffic into money. Do you know Indian bloggers are earning Rs 40 lakhs per month? They have spent their time and hard work with dedications.

Free blogging tips and tricks in choosing niche

Do not copy other blogger’s niche. They write and promote their passion. If you copy them without your interest in those niche, you will stop blogging soon.

Never copy and paste other blog post. You will be like those fake products in the market. Your readers will not return after reading few post. This will reduce your traffics in due course.

If you see many niche competing, why should you jumped in those niche. Do not commit suicide by joining the highly competitive niche market.

Instead select the micro niche where competition is less and easy for you to establish yourself as a blogger.

If you are interested in fashion and cosmetics and find several blogs in this niche, leave it. Do not focus on them. Start a micro niche like a review of perfume or face cream.

There are hundreds of perfume brands in the market. Write about them, stick to this micro niche and I bet you will become the sole authority in perfume blogging.

Go for local blogging

The world is becoming smaller and a reader sitting in the unexplored Arunchal Pradesh jungles can read the lifestyle of those living in Yakutsk in Russia. You don’t need to write about the city lifestyles to drive more traffics.

Go for local blogging, write about your home town, your village and your locality. Show to the world your unique locality. Add new and original contents to google or yahoo search engines.

This way you can bring your blog post in the top page in Google search.

Selecting a niche is very important for getting traffics as well as advertisers. So, be professional in choosing your niche. I can suggest niche like free blogging tips and tricks, cheap India family tours, and Parenting Wish as good source of traffic driven blogs.

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