Tips For New Bloggers Who Wants To Earn Money

Blogging has now become a standard activity and a wellspring of pay for some individuals around the globe. There are many tips for new bloggers available online. Not all are free tips.

I will discuss some tips which you can follow and earn money from blog. The first thing is to find a good domain name.

Tips for new bloggers before blogging

First thing first, select the best domain name. If you are targeting specific locations. Try registering with the extension of that Country. Suppose you are targeting US, best extension would be dot com, dot us or dot ca type domain.

If you are blogging for Indian viewers, go for dot in domain name. This will be easy to drive country specific traffics for your blog.

Prepare in mind what will be your niche. Your niche must be included in the domain names. if you want to write about blogging tips, your domains must contain the word blogging.

While registering for the new domains, it is better to search the expiry or old domain names. These old domains have some advantages over the newly registered domain names.

The expiry domains which are as old as 10-15 years have Alexa ranking, google search and also backlinks already. So, you are getting your blog ready for the Search engine optimization.

Next step is to find the best and the cheapest web hosting companies. You are blogging for not 6 months or 1 years. If you plan to make your living from bloggings, it is lifetime.

So, you have to choose the best and affordable web hosting which you can manage and also see their services.

Tips while creating contents

Do not use article spinners or auto re-writers. There is no such software which can give you 100 percent satisfaction. You are helping your viewers through your blogs. You are creating contents fro human, not machine.

Many new bloggers are using article spinners and post 100 of blog post every day. This is spamming and making your potential blog a junk. Please do not make such mistake.

Even if you write one blog per week, continue it with patience and regularly. Your one post may attract millions of organic traffics if the post is relevant to the viewers.

Write tips, tricks, personal experience, problems and its solution in a honest way. Do not fool your readers. They won’t return again if you cheat them.

There are certain things to include while creating a post. We have to use certain keywords, do search engine optimization and check backlinks within our own blog posts. This will surely help in driving genuine traffics in the days to come!

Tips for new bloggers to promote your blog

Now you have a blog with few good post which are original and great contents. You have the last effort to drive traffics. For this, we will self promote our blogs.

When you have access to several free social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn, why spend money to promote your blogs.

Share the links of your blog post in social media and interact with your readers. Constantly sharing your blogs will boost your blogs ranking as these social media platform have excellent Domain authority and Alexa ranking.

Lastly, follow my blogs for new tips and tricks.

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