Why New Bloggers Must Avoid Link Exchange

Link Exchange is one secret mantra for promoting our blog. Some decade ago, link exchange is one way to bring traffic to our blog or websites. However, I am writing about the pros and cons of link exchange here. New bloggers must avoid link exchange.

Yes, new bloggers should never try for this link exchange. This is like a sharp edge knife for the new bloggers. For well established bloggers and having millions of traffics every month, link traffic is a boon.

Suppose you have a new travel blog. You have just created the blog in travel niche. There are millions of travel blogs, some established some newbie just like you.

You will surely want to bring lot of traffics to earn money from adsense or affiliate program. For this, you need visitors. Linking to other blogs will get few traffics. This is guaranteed.

New bloggers must avoid link exchange for the first one year

Newly created blogs need quality contents and search engine optimization. Do not depend on other blogs or websites for one year. Continue posting keyword rich articles. Post regularly. Blogging is a serious business and need patience.

Earlier, google has a page ranking system where each and every website or blogs are given page rank out of 10. The highest page rank websites or blogs are the best. Advertisers and online marketer bid for such blogs.

Those days, link exchange is one of the technique to boost our blogs. We used to have separate page in our blogs where we add links of other blogs or websites. The reciprocal links are added in those blogs as well.

The main objective of link exchange was to promote our blog and to drive traffics.

Many blogs accept high page rank blogs for link exchange, while some accepts every blogs. The new bloggers cannot get reciprocal links from high page rank blogs.

They have to network and link with the new blogs whose page rank are zero. This is where all new bloggers suffer.

Google now has smart Artificial Intelligence program to check our blogs for popularity. Alexa also have mechanism to check our blogs for ranking. They are very sensitive on spams.

If our new blogs are linked (we called now back linked) with spam websites, our Google and Alexa ranking will be heavily suffer. Our blogs will also be counted as spam and our efforts will be wasted.

Always avoid reciprocal links if you are a newbie. To avoid these, here are some tips and tricks for newbie.

Tips and tricks for new bloggers

When new bloggers try for link exchange, they should see if the blogs they are getting reciprocal links are of same niche. If you write for fashion photography and link your blogs to a gardening blogs, what purpose will it serve?

If you want link exchange do, it with same niche. A travel blog can try for reciprocal links with travel related blogs.

However, new bloggers must avoid link exchange with those blogs which have huge numbers of link exchanges. Your blogs will not get much benefits when linking with such spammers.

Promote your blogs in social media

It is easy to open account in facebook and created a group or a page related to you blogs. Invite your friends and share your blog posts. They will definitely read and sometimes share your facebook post. This is the best self promotion of blogs.

You can open pinterest, linkedin, instagram, twitter and youtube. You can share your own post in these social media platform. They will surely drive traffics to your blogs.

You have to focus on writing quality post so that they can be your return visitors.

New bloggers must avoid link exchange, but link yourself

Some bloggers have 100 blogs. Instead of linking with other blogs, it is best to link all your blogs. This is the safest one. You can link all your blogs. It can be a bio type of yours to your readers.

Your readers will surely visit them. In this way, you are free from spamming websites or blogs as well. In addition, you are promoting your blogs as well.

You can create thousands of back links as well. Back links are very important in deciding the domain authority and page authority. When you are creating links among your posts and blogs, you are creating a huge potential of traffics.

This helps you to get rid from spammers and you are creating your own authority in blogging.

Last tips for new bloggers is write quality contents, do not use article spinners or rewriter. Write original post for your blogs. Give your readers a good post.

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