Best Blogging Tips – Do Not Write For Robots

What are you blogging for? Are you blogging for your readers who will follow you or for robots who just crawl your blogs in search engines? Write for human, avoid using article rewriters. Do not write for robots.

Several bloggers are selling article spin writers and article rewriters. Most of you also get links from various companies offering best and cheapest articles rewriters.

They must be offering you can post more than 100 of blog post everyday so it will drive traffics. Don’t trust them. As a newbie in blogging, I am requesting let us stay away from them.

Do not write for Robots

If you are serious of blogging whole life and earning a huge income, work hard and dedicate. You do not need 1000 of post to earn 5 figure income. You need to have a good traffic and returning vistors.

I have tried some free article rewriters and spin article software before. I am not satisfied at all. The contents are a mess and have a different meaning.

The purpose of blogging seems fake and dull. The sentences do not clearly define the purpose. It was clearly a junk to fill my hosting space. You may get some traffics from the Search Engines but, slowly it will stopped.

Only robots will crawl and visit your blog and they won’t interact with your post. Instead of creating 20-30 blogs in a month, it is better to post one post every month which are for human.

Do not write for robots as this will act as a spam blogs to readers.

Will copied articles help in monetization?

Every search engines, be it google or yahoo are in search of original and fresh contents. They want to index new articles for their customers. If you are creating your blog using software, you won’t get much credential.

Posting copyright post will drastically let your blog down. Monetization is possible only when we have readers, organic visitors who search our blog, read and share it. They will return again.

This process builds up our reader and viewership. What is the benefit of posting 100 of new post every months when your post are not ranked by search engines?

Contribute original unique post so search engines indexed and rank in the first 2-3 pages of search engines. This will drive more traffics and helps in monetization.

Hire content writers for your blog

If you are passionate about blogging but not getting enough time to blog, use content writers. Let them write for you. They are human and will write for human.

If you take the help of article rewriters, they will write for robots only. Let your blog be for valuable readers. Do not write for robots.

If you don’t have money to pay for your content writers, request them to write freely. In returns you can give credit to them with a link and short bio about your contributors.

This will help you and the writers. Your blog is also getting popular when your contributors share about their work to their peers. They are also given a platform online. Try this simple tips.

Happy blogging and do not worry about lesser posts. Do not stop blogging. It will surely help you.

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