How to Select the Best Micro Niche for Your Blog

There are million of blogs already in the market. If you are a newbie, don’t fall into the trap of following other bloggers who are master in their niche. Here, I will help you how to select the best micro niche for your blog.

Different types of blog

What is the main purpose of blogging? Do you want to monetize your blog and earn a lifetime income? Or you simply want to promote yourself? There are different types of blog around us. And most rewarding theme are those with the technologies and blogging tips and tricks.

You will find several blogs on technologies, new gadgets and cars which are having thousands of visitors everyday. And there are also myriads of domains and web hosting blogs which are earning huge income from affiliates.

There are other blogs on parenting, travel, food, health and opinions. You can choose any of the theme and start blogging.

How to select best micro niche for your blog?

You cannot start traveling blog and write your travel diaries to get millions of visitors. Even if you wrote 100 of blogs, chances are that no one would come to your blog. I am not discouraging you for blogging.

But I am suggesting you how to select the best theme. You can choose the micro niche like what are the things required for travelling, what you can carry in travelling, where you can shop cheapest exotic products etc.

Everyone travels these days, they post their journey in social media platform like Instagram, Facebook etc. What special will you narrate to your readers?

Your presentation have to be special. your blog have to be unique and your niche must be attractive so that readers can read, share and comments. These way, your micro niche blog will get more traffics. Ultimately, more traffics means more money.

Write about locals for global audience

I would suggest you always focus on the blogs which highlights your surroundings. Make your blogs filled with interesting places, events, happenings and historical facts.

These days, travelers wants to explore unexplored places and mingles with the new people. They are bored with the Switzerland, France, Rome, Amsterdam and of course the Taj Mahal in India.

Choose your travel blog which tells stories of your city’s market place, hotels, street foods, flea markets and the upcoming events. Surely they will be attracted to the tourists. Write about the legalities, the pros and cons of staying in your cities.

How to select best micro niche for your blog on Web hosting

If you want to write blog on web hosting, you will say what to write except the cheapest web hosting review and domains. No, you are wrong, webs hosting blog have several micro niche like you can teach the newbie how to select the domain names, how to buy domains and how to get more traffics.

These tips are very essential for every bloggers. You can show your expertise in search engine optimisation. Your entire blogs can focus on key word selections and finding the high traffic keywords or phrases.

You can even write articles on domain flipping, the domain market place so people can refer your blogs for the domains which are selling. This is like providing tips on share market.

Niche marketing Tips

Sell your blogs in your chosen niche. If you can’t convert your traffic into money, then you are wasting your time. We will discuss more about niche marketing tips in our next articles. Stay tuned!

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