How To Write Niche In Depth Articles For Blog

For every bloggers, the ultimate goal is to get listed in the search engines. More search results, more traffic which may convert into sells or monetization. Today, we will discuss how to write niche in depth articles.

New bloggers are adding more links, which are irrelevant with their niche blogs. They are more interested in adding articles.

But, what is the use of adding hundreds of posts everyday which is not related to the niche of their blogs. They might get more traffics and organic searches in the initial days.

Soon, these blogs might get penalized by Google. And you know the consequences. If you are penalized by Google, your blog might lost the authority. In the end, your blog will be a useless junk.

So, let us clearly understand the tips on how to write niche in depth articles for the blog.

Select the best niche in which you are expert

If you are a traveler or a photographer, select the best niche which you can control your post. Write relevant blogs, post photographs your readers want to share and comments. Do no write for yourself. Write for others.

I find many of us did blunder in selecting the niche. We cannot be master of everything. We have to find such a niche which we can write blogs forever. You can have two three niche, but be selective to focus on the best of best niche.

Select the best domain name

Select the domains which includes your niche. If you are writing for blogging tips, your domains must have the word tips, blogging, guides etc. Same as our domain is named as blogging tips and

When your niche is on fashion, select the best domains which shows your blog is from fashion world. Similarly, when your niche is from Information Technology, find a domain which contains words like wizard, guru, IT, tech etc.

How to write niche in depth articles

We find many bloggers select web hosting niche market and selling lots of e books not related to the blog. We also see many bloggers choosing food niche but writing on home loans, insurance, debts and financial blogs.

Most of these blogs grab the high demand keywords.

But, unfortunately, google may penalize these blogs in the days to come. Every blogger need to understand that google is looking for topical authority.

If you are posting random articles on every subjects which you think may ranked in the search engines, you are wrong.

I am warning, your blog will be penalized by Google. Please write niche in depth articles. Try to establish yourself as the authority in your niche.

If you choose writing on mobile reviews, always focus on the new mobiles, review the new features and the advantages, the pros and cons of the mobile.

However, do not go beyond the niche and don’t try to write articles on the different apps which are another niche.

Why Niche in depth articles is important?

Always focus on writing niche in depth articles. Make a brand of yourself and the blog you are managing. People will seek your help and tips in due course. Try to be the sole authority in your selected niche. Write A to Z articles on your chosen niche.

Let traffic hits the bulls eye of your blog. Make them target the niche in depth articles. More traffic means more money. Happy blogging!

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