Why Do You Need to Write Blog Regularly

For every bloggers, I mean newbie, maintaining a blog is very difficult. Why do you need to write blog regularly? You want more readers and more traffics, right? Let us write blog regularly.

Many of us start blogging to promote our products or sell online. For this we need to maximise our audience online. If you want to spend money on Facebook advertising or Google Adwords, you may do it.

But what is the point of spending your money when you are struggling to earn profits.

When you have easy ways and tips to convert your readers into valuable customers, why not try these tips?

Why you need to write blog regularly

First, express your ideas into words. Don’t get disheartened if your blog is not listed in Alexa ranking or SERP ranking.

This same blog, Blogging Tips and Tricks is almost 5 months old. I don’t see it in Alexa ranking or SERP ranking. But, I checked and saw, almost one visitor is coming, reading my blog post.

I will share the screenshot of readers once it complete one year. I am not earning a single money from this blog.

What if I thought of leaving the blog? Should I stop blogging. Even to earn money in our daily lives, we have to undergo training for minimum 12 months or 3 years.

I have started my blogging journey only 5 months ago. Without spending a single money on traffic and advertisements, people are noticing.

To get more readers and more traffics, I should write blog regularly. I must write 3-4 blogs post per month for the remaining months.

Benefits of writing blog post regularly

You readers must be waiting for new post, new ideas and new tips from you. If they don’t see any new post, they will think, it is another dormant blog which was started by a newbie and left.

You can also find your post in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking if you keep on updating your blog.

You will get connected with your readers once they trust you are trustworthy and authority in your niche. They might seek help from you if they want any tips on their blogs too.

You might be approached by domain companies, web hosting companies and other Search engine optimization groups to publish their posts in your blog. In return they will also pay you for their guest articles.

Why companies will come to your blog?

If you have resources to help the blogging communities, they will surely refer your blogs. And when companies who are looking to promote their products for global audiences will also connect with you.

They will definitely like to promote themselves using your blogs. This way, you can monetize your blogs, earning huge incomes.

These days, several companies are searching for active blogs to promote themselves. Once they knew your blog have been regularly updated and traffic is awesome, they will trust you.

These companies will know your blog will have higher conversion rate as compared to other platform.

As I said in the beginning, don’t stop blogging. You need to blog regularly. Wait for 2-3 years for your blog to be a popular brand in your niche.

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