How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan? [ft. Cloudways]

How to Choose The Right Hosting PlanThe problem you will face while choosing a web hosting is that what are the things to see in a web hosting plan to select the best and right plan which will increase your blog performance and speed.

In this article, I have mentioned a few things to check in a web hosting plan before going for it. These things are found in only best hosting providers and it will be sufficient to handle your blog very easily.

What Defines a Best Web Hosting Plan?

The best web hosting is a combination of good bandwidth, disk space, and security features. these type of combination in a single web hosting plan is very difficult to find. So, I have done the work for you. after mentioning the important points to be checked I will mention the best web hosting plan ( Cloudways)

1. Bandwidth (Traffic limit)

Bandwidth is the things which are necessary for a blog to handle the traffic on it. you can see that all web hosting plan offers different amount bandwidth, this means that the amount of traffic your blog can serve and if the traffic increases more than the limit then your blog will go down.

So, to select the right amount of bandwidth limit you should first check the amount of traffic your blog is getting. If your blog only gets a thousand views in a month then 5-10G B bandwidth would be fine.

If your blog is getting 100k views in a month then you need a good amount of bandwidth somewhere 50GB and more. However many best web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth which is the best deal to get because then you will not have to worry about the traffic.

2 .Disk Space

The other important thing is the disk space. It is the space where all your blog data is being stored and processed just like a RAM in mobile. If the disk limit will be not enough for your blog then the blog will start running slow and will take time to load data. So, to keep it smooth and fast you need to have at least 5-10GB for the small and medium level blog, 20GB or more for advance blogs. You have the unlimited option here also but the above-mentioned limit would be more than enough to get you going but if you get unlimited in cheap  hosting then it would be best.

3. Security

In this section, there must be good security on your web hosting servers otherwise it would be vulnerable to many hackers. Some of the big companies provide dedicated firewall which defends the servers from getting any virus and data hack.

Other than firewalls, A daily backup of all your blog data should be done automatically to keep it safe from attacks on the servers so that you can easily retrieve your blog from the backup. However, most of the web hosting offers auto backup for 20-30 days in different servers and this is a great feature to check to increase the security of your blog.

4. Free Add-Ons

Many web hosting companies offer free add-ons like a free domain for 1 year, free SSL certificate, free business email account, 30 days money back guarantee and many more free add-ons.

These add-ons will save you a lot of money while starting a blog. so it is better to look for free add-ons to save your money.

These are the important features which should be looked for in a web hosting plan before buying it. we have seen all the necessary things. Now, look at our best select – Cloudways

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Cloudways is one of the top web hosting company in the market. Cloudways is a cloud-based web hosting which makes it very easy to manage and provides an amazing platform to host your blog. cloud servers are considered faster than the shared and other servers.

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Cloudways Plan

1. Bandwidth

Cloudsway offers more than enough bandwidth which is around 1TB. Yes, 1TB which would be just like unlimited. In this much amount of bandwidth, you will never have to look at the traffic size and worry if it goes down or not. Your blog can easily handle over 100k users in a month. This limited is offered in the most basic plan, there are advance plans also which offers 4-5TB bandwidth.

2. Disk Space

When it comes to disk space, they offer 25GB disk space in their most basic plan and if you want more than you can get up to 160GB storage which would insane. 25GB is best for medium level and pro level blogs and at some point, your blog requires more storage then you can choose an advance plan.

3.SSD-Based Drives

Cloudways has SSD drives which increases the data accessing speed up to 3x faster than normal drives. You can see that the page load time has reduced and blog performance has been increased.

4.  Dedicated firewalls

The best way to keep your server data secure is by dedicated firewalls which allow only verified data to be passed and blocks the malicious data before entering the system.

The best way to keep your server data secure is by dedicated firewalls which allow only verified data to be passed and blocks the malicious data before entering the system.

5.Two Factor Authentication

Cloudways has another layer of security which is two-factor authentication. That means you will be required to provide a unique generated pin sent on your mobile device to login in the system.

6.  1-Click SSL Install

As a free add-on, you are getting a free SSL certificate in your plan. The steps of installing it are very simple, you just have to click 1 button then it will automatically install the certificate on your blog.

Final Words

The Cloudways plan would be great for you if you are planning to start a blog or even for them who are running their blog and are not satisfied with the offerings or services. Cloudways is very reputed web hosting provider and we have been using it for a very long period and still works like the new.

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