How To Start Your Own Blog Using Cloudways Hosting?

Starting a blog seems very difficult for everyone at first but it is nothing like difficult. Anyone can start their own blog in just a few minutes. however, in the beginning, you would face many problems like which web hosting would be best for your blog? how to get it? and many more questions will arrive.

Worry not because I am here to guide you to create your own blog in very simples steps. Today we will be creating a blog using Cloudways hosting.


Start a Blog with Cloudways

Cloudways hosting is a web hosting company who offers cloud-based servers. these servers are faster than ordinary servers. Cloudways offers amazing features which will make your blog performance better and also make it faster in loading its pages.

Why Using Cloudways?

I am using Cloudways hosting because it is one of the best web hosting services in the market and it offers better features than any other web hosting providers.

In Cloudways you will be provided around 1TB of bandwidth which is more than enough bandwidth to handle traffic on a blog. the amazing thing is that they provide SSD based drives which are faster than ordinary drives. These SSD drives will make the data accessing speed up to 3x faster. Having SSD drives reduces the page load time and makes the blog load faster.

Now we know why we are using Cloudways to create our blog. let’s start the guide.

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Steps To Start A Blog

  1. Buy A Domain Name

The first step is to get a domain name. the domain name should be relevant to your niche or anything name you think is brandable.

The domain name can be registered from any domain registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, and others.

  1. Get Cloudways Hosting Plan

The plan choosing part can be confusing because you don’t know which will be the best plan for your blog. then let me help you.

If you are starting a new blog then you should go for the basic plan because in the beginning you will be not getting huge traffic and it is not necessarily going for advanced plan.

After selecting the plan, the next step is to connect the domain name and Cloudways.

  1. Connect Domain And Cloudways

To connect these both you need to go to the setting of the domain name and on other tab open the Cpanel of Cloudways. Find for name servers.

In the domain, setting find name servers and copy/paste the name servers from the Cpanel to the domain.

After a few minutes, it will be activated and you can search for the name and find your website from the address. however, the work is not finished yet.

  1. Install WordPress

The final step is to install the WordPress engine from the Cpanel. Once it is installed, signup for WordPress and do all the required settings.

  1. Choose A Theme

Now, choose a theme from the theme section. The theme will be the design of your blog to choose the best theme which you think matches your niche. congrats your blog is ready now.

With the above simple guide,, anyone can make their own blog. we have learned how to create a basic blog and let’s have some more knowledge of web hosting company which we are using.

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Features Of Cloudways

These features of Cloudways are far better than other web hosting features and they are worth investing in.

  1. 25GB Disk Space

Cloudways gives 25GB disk space in the basic plan and the limit increases according to the plan. 25GB is enough for medium level blogs which get 100k visits in a month. With this much amount of disk space, you don’t have to worry about slowing down your blog. it will run smoothly and fast.

  1. 1TB Bandwidth

If you think your blog will be getting huge traffic then what should be better than 1TB bandwidth. With 1TB bandwidth, you don’t need to look at the traffic stress on your blog. your blog can easily handle over 100k traffic without going down or slowing it. however, you can get more data on the advanced plan if you want more.

  1. Free SSL Certificate

You will be required to add an SSL certificate for making your blog verified and secure for visitors. if you will buy SSL certificate from others then you will have to pay a monthly fee which would be quite expensive if you are just started blogging. don’t worry because Cloudways offer free SSL certificate for a lifetime and this will save you a lot of money.

  1. 1-Click Backup And Restore

Cloudways offers you to create a backup of your blog data and you can restore all your data anytime you want. It is a great feature because in case your blog is hacked then you can easily restore your blog from the backup data

  1. Free Migration

If you are currently working with other web hosting and you want to migrate to Cloudways hosting then you will have to pay some fee to migrate your blog but Cloudways offer you absolutely free site migration in all plans.

  1. Two Factor Authentication

When security is your first concern then you can enable two-factor authentication which will verify you at the time of login. This will help you to restrict any false access to your blog

  1. 24/7 Support

Cloudways gives 24/7 support to all its customers, doesn’t matter from where you are using the service. The support team will be there for your help anytime anywhere. There are several ways from which you can get connected with them like live chat, phone call, email whichever you find comfortable.

Final Thought On Cloudways

There are many other web hosting services in the market which you can use for creating your blog but if you really want to get the best result then I would recommend you to create it with the Cloudways hosting. it is one of the most trusted and widely used web hostings and there are a lot of other features they offers.

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Check out our detailed guide on starting a blog with Cloudways.

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